I suck at this blogging thing. Also, I have a new blog!

For the past year or so I have been having relatively serious pangs of guilt for not blogging nearly as much as I think I should. It is totally ridiculous, but if you have a blog I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about. I think this lack of blog action is due to some sort of combination of the following:

  • Twitter
  • Video games
  • A year-long personal crisis
  • The alignment of the stars
  • Actually enjoying my job (I never realized how much I blogged at work until I switched jobs and didn't need to find a way to fill the day)
  • YouTube
  • Other people writing my thoughts much faster and better than I could
  • George W. Bush

"Laziness" was on there, but I replaced it with George W. Bush. It seems fair. So anyway, back to the guilt about not blogging. I still am totally hot for the internet and really like how blogging kind of documents all the awesome stuff I come across. Over the past year my online activity has been much more centered around documenting stuff, whether it be through my bookmarks, my playlist, or even my screenshots at my super-new project (which you should run and join right now) UXrepublic. This content has been slowly replacing the essay-style traditional blog posts here, and I think it is time to make that switch completely. I am still keeping this blog around for longer-form writing, but I think there will be much more activity at my fancy new "tumblelog", which can be found at

This new blog is powered by Tumblr, which is an amazing new-ish service that you really should check out. It is like blogging without the overhead. I am excited about the possibilities these types of lifestreaming services offer, and have wanted to try one out for a while now. Before I found Tumblr everything I looked at felt either too ugly or too closed. Tumblr seems like the perfect combination of ease-of-use and style. We'll see how it goes.

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