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So for the past few months you may have noticed that posting here has pretty much stopped. A fairly large reason for this is because I have been working on a little project that is finally near a point where it is ready to be shared.

If you are involved with designing or building websites, you spend a fair amount of time looking at what other people are doing. And if you are like me you have a bulging folder on your computer stuffed full of screenshots from all these great sources of inspiration. Unorganized and undocumented, this folder is like a black hole where you keep filing screenshots away, hoping you will remember where and why you saved it in six months when you need it again. This seemed like a pretty inefficient way to run things, so I started looking for a better way. Flickr is pretty good, but I don't want to be mixing UI screenshots (that aren't normally of my work) in with my photographs, and it is hard to browse through other people's screenshots. Same for iPhoto and Picassa. Design galleries are nice for browsing through innovative new sites, but they focus mainly on the visual design and most screenshots I take are of a button or a small chunk of page from a boring old site like Yahoo or CNN - not exactly the territory of CSS galleries.

Unsatisfied with the current offerings, I did what anyone would do and started building my own. It's not remotely close to finished yet, but if you have had problems similar to what I've described above I'd love for you to check it out and let me know what you think. And if you are just looking for some interaction design inspiration, have you ever considered using severed monkey arms?

you are invited to the PatternParty

A note about the name and URL: One thing I've learned throughout this process is that I am awful at naming things. PatternParty started as joke, but we haven't found anything better so it seems like that is sticking for the time being. If you have any ideas (really, any at all!), we are all ears The site will also be moving over to this weekend, but the links in this post should redirect just fine when it is time.

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